Sino-European Partnership for Impact Assessment in Coastal Urban Environments

Consultancy in coastal and offshore projects for investors

Energy production from renewable sources is of growing importance in view of global climate change. However, in assessing the environmental consequences of new forms of land use, a significant knowledge gap exists with resulting uncertainty in planning. The minimum knowledge required to conduct an environmental impact study is often hard to acquire and is further obstructed due to differences in culture, language and scientific background.

 One of the major goals of the SEPIAcue initiative is to improve communication between scientists, engineers, landscape planers and investors involved in coastal and offshore projects. With the relevant documents at hand, SEPIAcue and its international team of experts from relevant disciplines offers a unique consultancy service for investors from Europe and China. Our philosophy is to advise clients from the private sector as well as public authorities objectively and goal oriented.


For further information on the services SEPIAcue can offer, please contact info@sepiacue.net.