Sino-European Partnership for Impact Assessment in Coastal Urban Environments

Identification of indicator species in urban areas

In a joint project between IUE (Institute of Urban Environment) and IfAÖ (Institute of Applied Ecology, Germany), methods for habitat mapping in coastal urban area are currently being tested. The goal is to establish a system of biotic indicators for evaluating the state of coastal ecosystems in southern China. Here, coastal areas are subject to an increasingly strong anthropogenic use. How rapid urbanization processes can affect aquatic and terrestrial species and communities and ultimately affect environmental quality for humans shall be demonstrated by means of selected indicator species (e.g., benthic organisms, birds). The overall aim is to examine how representative field data can be obtained in order to create a basis for environmental impact assessment and management during city or land use planning procedures. Involving the University of Xiamen, land use, habitat structure and biodiversity are being mapped in a defined study area west of Xiamen, in Qingjiao, in order to develop recommendation guidelines (Figure 1). The project is under the supervision of Dr. Tim Coppack and Dr. Andreas Schmidt (IfAÖ).